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Special Events

Weddings, family reunions, picnics, fund raisers, fishing tournaments, we have had some great fun at Dockside Resort! If your are looking for a special and unique experience for your big event, consider our Resort. Call to discuss your plans. It is amazing how flexible we can be in accommodating your great ideas. 


You can create a package for renting the entire resort or just part of it. One scenario for iluding it all might be: Teens can settle in the tents. Then parents' generation can use the campsite options. Grandparents would love the comfy vacation house. The kitchen in the house can also be part of the food prep and storage. And the happy couple could honeymoon in the classic yacht. It will be tied up at the dock again in the summer of 2020. Or we can do any combination that fits your group size and preferences.

Our stage is available for a live band or DJ. Dancing is usually done in front of the stage on the grassy areas. 

The tiki bar has electric service. Two refrigerators are on site. Also, hot dishes can be set up for service of food at the counter. 

If you want us to handle the food, we can work out the catering for you.

A bon fire is usually a must. Bob creates huge log art pieces in the big fire ring and touches it off to add magic to the evening.

We can arrange for a tent(s) to cover tables for guests.

We even can arrange for fireworks, either a blast or finale package for the "kiss the bride moment," or a full show for the party later that night.

Whether you want something quiet and intimate, or you want a rousing memorable party, bring your dreams and ideas. We are open to trying new things. Your great life moments and celebrations mean a lot to us. We will be on your team.  

Private Parties

The list of ideas and offers in the wedding section are all available for other parties as well.

We have had a small group take the platform barge out on the big lake with a few coolers. They swam and tanned and made it a highlight of their weekend!

We have had a group hold a reunion at Dockside that included the vacation house and "Tiki Joe's," as they called it. Many family members live nearby, so they joined the out of town guests at the dock each day for the fun. 

As above, we are open to hearing more about your particular party ideas. 

Contact us for more information.

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