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The marina is a rare treasure, a fascinating place to play and hang out. Our launch can handle boats up to 25 feet.


Depths in the marina range from 4 or 5 feet next to the dock to 6 or 8 feet in the channel. Occasionally we rent space to genuine commercial fishing boats, which can be fun to watch. We also have a platform barge that can handle a few picnic tables for having lunch on the water, literally. 


Ladders are mounted in the channel so swimmers can jump in and get out easily. Picnic tables line the grassy side of the docks, next to the tiki hut.


Yup, we have a tiki hut! Sit around listening to tunes and watching the action.  A couple refrigerators are on hand for drinkables and cold food storage.


PLUS, we have a stage area for live music or a DJ. Rafts, kayaks and life jackets are stored on the stage between gigs. There is no lifeguard on duty, so be safe when you come to enjoy the marina and the lake.


Lake Superior is awesome! Being on it, or near it, will make you healthier and happier!


The first Saturday of August is the date. Mark your calendars. The registration is held at the Gay Bar on Friday night before. You can fish the fresh waters and win a pocket full of cash!!


$10 / launch fee per boat

$10 / daily rate to tie up boats.

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